Sunday, December 26, 2010

Top Ten 2011 Slogan Ideas

Here are the top ten 2011 slogan suggestions.

Let us know your thoughts and ideas! Have your own slogan suggestions? Submit your ideas to

 **NB: These are in no particular order

1. Enter Sandman, Exit Victorious
        *now, as great as it would be to have this on the shirt, there are some legal rights that we would have to work out/have been trying to work out, but it is not as easy as it seems.

2. Every play is a Ho-Key Play

3. Enter Sandman. Beamerball. Ut Prosim. Winning is our tradition.

4. Hokie Football: 66,233 Teammates Strong

5. Victory comes standard with the Tech package.

6. Defining Home Field Advantage since 1872

7. Start Jumping, Respect the Game, Remember the Moment

8. All Out, All Game, All Season

9. A Lunch Pail Threat You'll Never Forget

10. Tech Package: Standard
      Safety Restraint: Optional

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