Monday, December 27, 2010

Updated Slogan Statistics

Good Morning Hokies -

We have had tons of hits on the slogan suggestions thanks to several loyal Twitter fans (Gobbler Country, The Key Play, VTSGA, etc.) so I thank you for that.

Check out these articles to see what people are saying about the slogans:

It seems like the top slogans that people really like are:

#1: Enter Sandman, Exit Victorious (if it is possible)
#4: Hokie Football: 66,233 Teammates Strong
#7: Start Jumping, Respect the Game, Remember the Moment
#8: All Out, All Game, All Season
#10: Tech Package: Standard
        Safety Restraint: Optional

Let us know what you think by either commenting on this blog, or @vtsga on Twitter

The survey will be open for suggestions until January 1, 2011, so if you have ideas, let us hear them.

After Jan. 1, will become the site where you can vote on the slogan suggestions, so make sure you go there to let your voice be heard.

Go Hokies,
2011 Hokie Effect Team

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  1. "Defining Home Field Advantage since 1872" is BY FAR the best.